Steel Strapping

More than 67 years of experience in quality steel production.

Garibaldi steel strapping is manufactured with high quality standards required by the mining and forestry industry to secure high value merchandise transported with long transit times. Zunar ® steel straps are ideal for packing wood, steel sheets or high weight metals.

Zunar® 80 regular duty, Zunar® 90 Heavy duty and Zunar® 100 High Tensile, are the 3 quality options manufactured by Garibaldi, which are adjusted to the needs of different markets: Mining, forestry, agriculture and distribution.



Bluish, black, Zinc and others.


Hand Grade: steel coil less than 22 kgs.

Oscillated Coil: up to 45 kgs.

RW: Single rolled

Jumbo: coil between 100kgs to 1000 kgs