PET Strapping

Variety of sizes and strength.

Garibaldi PET strapping is manufactured for applications to the agricultural, retail, forestry, fishing, and metallurgical industry, among others.

It is an effective alternative to steel strapping since it does not suffer alterations due to possible oxidation during the transit of the goods.

Features such as elongation, strength, and an elastic memory better than steel strapping, makes it a more convenient and safe option.

Manual polyester strapping (hand grade) is produced under strict controls to get a top-quality product and optimal resistance to be used with manual tools and equipment. Mainly used in the agricultural industry.
Machine grade polyester strapping is designed to be used in automatic equipment. High strength and weldability, in conjunction with excellent mechanical performance for use in large hooping arches.

GARIBALDI polyester strappings are AAR-20 certified.

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